Before you begin any catalogue of tips to make you conquistes the woman in your life, should make it clear that the best recommendation that exists is that you’re totally natural with women when you try to put in practice your techniques of seduction. Naturalness is the quality that most you must develop to give you success at the time of seduce and love that a woman enamore de ti, for what, in reality, any accessory plus is completely useless. But it is always convenient to give some tips so that you have more chances of success in seduction, keep reading so you put in practice and best aspects that are really important to seduce any girl. We hope to be of much help and tries to improve the following aspects: 1.-cleaning. This aspect is the most important, since the girls smell like distance to men who have a good cleaning. It must be a matter clear: washing is not removed as dirty.

The touch of Cologne, a time limpito, becomes optional. Touch, I repeat, no bathrooms or after-shave mists: repulsion can give both by defect and excess. Clean, but not cloying. 2 Security. You have to put in your head that you’re the guy more interesting and likeable in the world, but you and I know it, or get too close to that ideal boy profile. Repeat with me: I am the best and I’ll get. Perhaps so logres deceive it.

3 Costume. Eye with what you get, that I’m seeing. Not, that shirt striped orange is neither pretty nor is fashionable, not to be that the 1980s again shamelessly to the catwalks of Spain, I doubt anything that. The best thing is to find something that makes you look elegant, but casual. 4. Sensitivity. As in cleaning, nor passes you on this. The Becquer or Juan Ramon Jimenez poems are the perfect example of how to find the failure: nineteenth in terms of style is not cool in times running.