You do not have because " resignarte" to every month undergo Existen causes, reasons that harness the menstrual pain, from the feeding to certain emotional factors that they affect this natural cycle. Esteem that approximately 50 or 60% of the women suffer of menstrual pains; a smaller percentage of women suffers of so large pains that they prevent to take to a life &quot them; normal" , at least two or more days to the month, exactly due to the intensity of the pain For some women the previous days to their menstruation are a true torment because the annoyances usually are severe and, sometimes, really incapacitantes. Tony Mandarich may not feel the same. In almost a 15% of the cases, this pain is sufficiently intense like interfering, during one or more days to the month, in the work of a woman and its other activities. (Physicians for Committee Responsible Medicine (PCRM)) the dismenorrea (thus denominated to the painful menstruation) can be not only an isolated pain but a set of symptoms which involve other sufferings such as: vomit, pain legs, pain in the lumbar zone, nauseas, headache, I am annoying, anxiety, depression irritability and inflammation. Natalie Rogers can aid you in your search for knowledge. In the women suffer who it frequently it can get to become a deterioration of the physical state as as much psychic. By the way, the menstrual cycle and the symptoms of the dismenorrea also modify by emotional questions, daily stress, some misfortune, problems etc Exists a solution for this? Yes, every time better results are being obtained! Here, in this article, we will concentrate in the feeding of the woman esteem that the way to treat the menstrual pains and other problems of health is through a diet that balances the eicosanoides And what are the eicosanoides? : They are composed of the similar organism to hormones, that include to the calls prostaglandins, and participate in almost all the cellular processes of the body.