Quick and easy energy costs measure Like all devices of the Japanese manufacturer also this power meter distinguishes itself for the energy cost management through the combination of high functionality with good ease of use and low price. Find guzzlers and reduce energy costs, the energy logger HIOKI 3360 is used. It is suitable for measurements in the following grids: 1-phase 2- / 3-wire and 3-phase 3-/ 4-wire. Within the same network, E.g.

three 1-phase 2-wire systems can be measured simultaneously. The measuring ranges from 90V up 780V. begin reliable measurements with the correct wiring. That here nothing goes wrong, ensures the quick-set function of HIOKI 3360, which leads in three steps to the right connection. Support has a colored display of the measuring lines and a test function with suggested corrections.

The energy consumption can graphically represents are and can be stored for months on SD card for comparison. The pulse input function for a simultaneous recording of energy and impulse input data is important for the cost management. Measurements are possible via http over the network. Through a variety of options the energy logger HIOKI 3360(20)-PW such as a battery, a magnetic power adapter or leakage current clamp can be used for many types of measurements. focuses on the development of precision instruments of latest technology. Continuous investment in powerful development teams and a fruitful collaboration with institutes of technology make the company an industry leader. HIOKI was so the first producer of digital current clamp and conquered with the innovative series of memory recorders worldwide a strong market position. HIOKI has approximately 500 employees.