The series includes: – 'Zhozhoba'Massazhnoe oil for face, body and hair (250 ml) Jojoba Body Lotion (250 ml) Jojoba Creme-Gel for dry, problem skin (100 ml) . ua Beauty Feet – BEAUTIFUL LEG" Exclusive series of drugs for rapid healing and skin repair stop on the basis of pine oil. The natural solution for dry and cracked skin of feet in 5 days! It treats the cause rather than symptom! Drugs in this Series: 100% based on natural plant ingredients, contain moisturizers and bio-active substances – aloe vera extract, pine oil plant extracts, vitamins A, E, F possess bactericidal and fungicidal inhibit the action of bacterial growth in microcracks promote rapid epithelialization of wounds soothe irritations, abrasions and fractures heal help remove dead skin cells, moisturize and nourish skin prevent the formation of blisters, are ideal for pedicure Lotion for legs is recommended as a remedy, the gel for legs – both supported have a positive impact even in the care of skin affected with eczema and psoriasis drugs tested in this series dermatology department one of the leading hospitals in Israel. Tested in Israel and abroad and have been proved as an effective solution to problems chapped or dry skin. elegant age! What could be better … Love Line Platinum (Hlavin) Love Line Platinum-true test and the array of services needed mature skin, with active natural ingredients and effective patented ingridientov.Realny success in slowing the formation and the appearance of age-related changes and pigmentation of the skin.

A series of products based on ginseng in combination with herbs and vitamins, for normal / dry skin (40 years). Balanced care includes three phases: 1. stage of cleansing (hypoallergenic moisturizing cleansing cream, tonic lotion, cream granulosoderzhaschy – scrub, lotion, makeup remover for eyes – a two-phase) 2. Stage daily skin care (stimulates serum – Serum for physiological skin protection cream for skin renewal and regeneration, collagen cream, neck and decollete, anti-age gel century, hypoallergenic cream for eyelids Q-10) 3. reducing maintenance phase (nutrient mask – Healing, whitening cream). Uhod_za_kozhey_45_ & idpar = 367 & groupid = 1071 & brandid = 2256