The most common reason for a liver in adult transplant is cirrhosis. It is also a common process in some children and is caused by biliary atresia. Liver transplantation surgery is surgery performed to replace a diseased liver by a healthy liver. The liver can be donated from a donor who has died recently and does not have liver injury. It is also true that a healthy person will donate part of his liver, which can regenerate by itself inside the patient needing liver transplantation. In the latter case, both people will be left with its livers working well after a successful transplant. To perform a successful liver transplant, liver must be transported in saline refrigerated for no more than eight hours, so the evidence necessary to determine the compatibility between the donor and the receiver can do.

The diseased liver is removed through surgery with liver transplantation in the upper part of the abdomen. The donated liver is put in place and is connected to blood vessels and bile ducts of the patient which is performed the liver transplant. The operation can last 12 hours, but the patient will always be safe provided it is in the hands of the best experts who can perform a liver transplant.