Human beings can live without food for some time, although the fact it (force majeure) make a dent in the health and unfortunately cracked body looks, but after that, the death is imminent. Of course before this last moment of existence, the physical suffering will be terrible and often unbearable. Making a slight parallel as described above, the feeling that unites the couple you love can not but find that both are closer, to maintain a close relationship of identity, in which both are no longer two but only one and this is achieved when there is actual delivery, a donation entire being toward the beloved or the beloved. But it is difficult to understand for those who do not actually live. Trying to explain the love affair between a man and a woman, when the relationship is true, it is simple as to show through attitudes and positions that not only the other party and is very important, but beyond the affinity found is all the time in a permanent display of many factors that allow the true loving relationship: care, attention, consideration, respect, sensitivity, understanding, love of another, identifying what is and makes the couple, help and unconditional support, loyalty, and many others that occur freely and spontaneously, provided that clear and true love. Therefore, love is not a mere interplay of glances, gestures, kissing or hugging.

It goes beyond this, though the latter is important and necessary. The proximity of the loved one in our lives produces a lot of positive energy that is capable of perceiving it as a cool breeze on a sunny day. It is necessary to have when you love to really live. Those who love keeps sweet and soft feel that need. In an exchange of glances, of affection, you can discover the essence of love.

It is said that true love is hard to find and still maintain. If so, then when one finds it and have it, can not fail to serve as you deserve. But even more, the beloved becomes part the other, turning one being indissoluble, inseparable. So the question arises whether one can love the distance, if not see, feel, hear, nor has the warmth of being loved. It's like trying to keep a candle burning on the edge of a cliff. For two people who love real and deep, the distance is more than an obstacle, a decree threatening the end of the relationship. No wonder it is said that the distance between two beings who love each other, turn off the fire of love exists.