A very delicate and difficult issue to dominate in your life and in the business world too, are your interhumanas, your relationships with your friends and in special relationships with your distributors, customers and collaborators in your MLM business. This is the subject of the article how to recruit in MLM why your Relacionrs are so complicated third party? published the 23.02.2011 Web, what one of my blogs, since the article is something like this: why, sometimes, your relationship with your dealers is so complicated, and you don’t know how to handle it at certain times? In my opinion there are 2 main reasons: 1. in a relationship with one of your distributors, you see what you want to see, or who have been accustomed, educated or taught to see. 2. You can see everything that your dealer lets you see. The second reason is because you can only see that he lets you see because your relationship with your dealer or your prospect can be complicated, not you can learn, in principle, that the you is saying, this is recommended that you use your intuition, you have to understand what your dealer wants to tell you, that you are saying without using words, clear this ability by going to develop slowly, if you already have is very good, congratulations! With the passage of time each relationship becomes increasingly more, you have to have in your head as a profile of every person in your structure, and sometimes you need lots of memory to be able to know all the details of every relationship.

Practical exercise: a. When you go to talk to a distributed yours, you focus on it and not in what you want or think, this will help to better understand and thus help you with much more ease. You have to concentrate in such way that you have to imagine that your life depends on what you will tell this person, at this time you have to forget you, your family, your problems, everything that exists in this moment is your dealer and your problem that you going to solve. b. look him in the eye, this will help see all their reactions, better dive into your problem, in his world, and he going to help tell much more easily what you want because you will feel that someone is listening really, and as reward will tell what really hurts it, that frustration has, that doubts, problems, for you this is valuable information to help you and improve the relationship with this dealer.

I usually say that this is the reason because a good leader has 2 ears and only one mouth, because you have to listen more than talk and give solutions. At the end I would like to me to leave a comment on this article, tell me a little bit and tell me what are your questions, your concerns, your problems. Thanks a lot.