pay for high-cost providers and investment banks often much too high fees for the purchase of investment funds. Financial experts have for years pointed out that most investors do not know what they have to pay fees and those fees must be paid not only at the beginning of the insurance contract, but over the entire term. At this point, unfortunately, invisible issue, hardly anyone respects. Long term investor this gives away up to 25,000 . .

The agent provides a comparison of insurance, which focuses on individual needs and investment strategies of the consumer in the foreground. It does not matter whether the consumer needs information about the differences of capital investments, an asset management wants or needs a personal investment tips – In choosing a qualified agent he has made an excellent choice. The agent helps in choosing the appropriate investment in the individual combination of different investment funds, in designing a payment plan and when preparing a budget with an optimal investment strategy, for only through a thorough insurance comparison can the best capital investment to be found. These agents continuously analyzes the offers and products of the capital market. In addition to the investment management compares the agents also offers in connection with construction financing. Here too, the consumer can rely on the expertise and receive assistance on mortgage interest.