The leash is usually taken 60 cm long wire with a swivel for spinning and oval-buckle, which is the breaking load of 14 kg. Initially, the wobbler was a piece of plastic or wood, in the form reminiscent of a real fish. Ahead is a wobbler blades – metal or plastic apron, shape, size and angle of inclination of which affect the depth of the dive for the bait during ryvkovoy posting. Except of dive depth depends on the speed podmatyvaniya string. The faster the lure is held, the greater the depth to which he zanyrivaet. Also, you may need different tools, such as podsachek 100 cm wide, pliers with long handles for cutting the wires, and two clamps or forceps with long handles to the extractor hooks pierced deeply. If you're going to sport fishing, the tools for free pike are required.

The basic principle of fishing with crank is throwing and non-uniform in the direction of the wiring itself, and the lure wags in different directions, and these variations are of interest pike and then induce predator to bite. The key to successful pike fishing lures for bait is the right choice depending on the depth. It is convenient to pick up a universal set of lures for different reservoirs at different depths. Specialists recommend to be very careful while fishing for pike, to respond to even minor fluctuations in the float, showing the activity of fish that may follow the bait. While working in the crank basin with uneven bottom and actively growing weeds better be on guard to avoid snags tackles. If you hold the bait in the light of the behavior of potential prey for the pike, it can be more wobbler naturalistic object and to encourage more fish biting.