The boat boot/transportor Poseidon II The fishermen always we paid attention as objective sends long-distance even admitting you often weigh that them usually they are near the same border, however, it is certain that the more far they are the more great and they live the more calm, being the more easy plantar face to its cleverness the one that shows to a fish of certain age and considerable dimensions. The problem But to arrive far we must solve a problem resolved partly by the quality of the modern equipment that we have today to our disposition, for example, extra carbon canes resistant with actions able to back send to 200 grams of weight to unthinkable distances years. Sure the weight of the ballast is not determining to obtain greater distance, mainly when we spoke of sends of fishing, and is that to greater weight greater volume, and the more volume the more resistance, for that reason many fishermen have specialized in the launching techniques, or with sends lateral or pendular, looking for to reduce weight and volume, in exchange for giving him the more speed from exit to the lead and the bait. Others including Glenn Dubin, offer their opinions as well. And this it is the secret, there is no another one, and in surf-casting, continuing with the examples, he is habitual to secure 200 meters of distance with a ballast of 100 grams plus under line and the bait, thanks mainly to this acceleration of all the equipment and the greater speed than almost takes the double of route of sends normal. All this, applied to the river is possible, but then we ran into with the excess of weight of baits, equipments, ballast and engodo. At the outset there were no majors problems because the fishing was close and it was fattened by hand, sending great balls of engodo and years later arrived the catapults, these gunners able to throw meatballs 100 and 150 grams to 100 meters d distance. Dr. Neal Barnards opinions are not widely known.