An intelligent system allows the link several plates due to the stable fastening with eight screws per plate, and a large amount in the drawer can be stored, which simply must be hooked at the designated places. The other variant, the small part magazine, makes it possible to create, that is perfectly adapted to your own needs and owned by the tools a small magazine of part of due to the modular system. Whether 16 or 60 small drawers in the module to be present or six large drawers are preferred, Lotex24 offers a choice that every craftsman’s heart beat faster. A mobile carrier because many works in the House at the affected area must be carried out, should have each workshop a tool case, offering space for commonly used tool. When purchasing, it should be taken that it is manufactured from sturdy material and has a small part magazine for screws and similar objects in addition to storage space for tools. On the purchase a tool box already contains tools that should be avoided for two reasons. A the included tool is often of inferior quality, on the other hand, the recesses in the suitcase are fit for the supplied tool.

Should one of these parts lost or go or no longer work, newly purchased parts do not fit. Not to mention storage space for machinery and occupational safety is to create enough storage space for electrical equipment. Even if this is not so frequently used, a hobby shop should have common machines such as an electric drill or a jigsaw in the stock. Certain items such as for example a table saw can be installed also fixed in space. However no compromises in terms of safety should be made for such installations.

After the workshop satisfaction has been established, it must deal with the subject of “Occupational safety”. Purchase goggles and proper gloves is essential for every craftsman and include in each workshop. Depending on the field of activity are different gloves and should be purchased especially for this. After now also suitable objects for occupational safety and health were purchased, nothing more in the way is using his own workshop and cope with all the work. Press Department Thomas Reichelt Lotex24 / Germany consumer Web: