Barrier-free housing for the elderly provides new functionality for stair lifts our society is located amidst the drastic demographic changes and thus directly in front of the great challenge: How can be the different stages of life according to the Wohnumgebung? People want a stable housing situation, a home where she self determined, can live comfortably and without any restrictions until the evening of life despite all turmoil and change in life. ‘Stay in your own four walls’ is the desire. Especially stairs represent the dominant obstacle and the limitation of mobility. The difference in height suddenly becomes around to the front door, apartment door or between individual living spaces of the insurmountable barrier. A space-saving and low-cost solution is wondering if the space available for retrofitting with a home elevator (vertical lift) is sufficient.

Depending on the stair width and history means the solution platform lift or stair lift. Particularly in tight Staircases and even for curved stairs, installing a stair lift offers the possibility to enjoy their late life section with full mobility in their familiar living environment residents. Why with an unwanted move on the changed circumstances react when it is so easy, without adjusting the living environment of the situation of the inhabitants of reconstruction? Stair lift \”Flow II\” defeat narrow and winding stairs especially narrow, steep and winding stairs can be comfortable to cope with the \”Flow II\” by ThyssenKrupp stair lifts stair lift: even passages and doors must not be an obstacle for the installation of the elegant flow II, whose automatic swivel seat adapts to the conditions during the journey in uniquely. The rail is adapted exactly to measure the structural conditions and can be mounted on the inside as well as on the outside of a staircase. Awarded with the \”Rehacare design award good design 2008/2009\”, its appealing design in any home decor blends.