Older people tend to have quite a few problems when it comes to pursue a fulfilling life. The passage of time deteriorating motor, articulate, digestive ability and in general all senses go away the optimum operating own years of youth. Reflexology massages allow to improve the functions affected by the age, since for example, by applying gentle pressure on the energy points of the urinary and genital system, the elderly will manage to improve the Elimination of toxins. A delicate massage on the points corresponding to the respiratory system can optimize the breathing capacity, in addition to providing a level of relaxation and relief of the muscles and bones of the patient. Always counting on the recommendation of the geriatric or physician, reflexology therapy is a great stimulus to improve the quality of life of grandparents, through a natural and not invasive treatment, which saves you any side effect if it is applied smoothly by a specialist. Reflexology is each most recommended time even in patients with Parkinson’s disease, allowing to relieve the symptoms of so annoying disease through relaxing massage treatments that depend on preferences and the clinical picture of each patient.