Nowadays, many people, especially Mexican people, suffering from a serious disease called obesity. This disease is very peculiar, because it can be caused by eating disorders, it may even take away your peace of mind, because it is no longer the same condition for doing things, les is more difficult to stop eating, and to vary does not have a good self-esteem. But don’t worry, you propose the best solution to this problem: the Gastric Bypass surgery. This surgery will help you eat less and in a very short time, you’ve already lost many kilos you had of being overweight. Gastric Bypass which makes is that it divides the stomach into two parts, being one that has direct contact with the food that you eat, and the other is totally isolated from contact with food. This means that hunger you removed half of the food that you ingerias in a day everyday. This surgery will help you to regain your self-esteem, your figure, your peace of mind and have a healthier life. Not only think of you, think of those people who you want to see happy and encourage you to do you this the Gastric Bypass surgery. M.