Anyone who undertake business on the internet aims to generate MLM, or simply get more customers who buy your products (goods or services) clients to their networks through their websites, Blogs, press ads, landing pages written, advertisements in press on-line, etc. In a previous post I talked about a well known advertising classic model, called AIDA, a model to generate clients. This model is applicable in any field, and now I intend to show you a variation of this model reflected in web pages, blogs, etc. Ultimately in the internet era. The clear example is Google Adwords, that gives you some recommendations when it comes to advertising to achieve a greater persuasion, since you are interested in this type of advertising both Google and the advertiser. Why give us 4 recommendations or guidelines to follow to achieve persuade potential clients: Keyword with adjectives.Keyword (keyword) is very important for Google, since it categorizes based advertising to them, that if the visitor is no longer interested in our product, anything serves to display the ad. Then it recommends take the keyword and add an adjective, for example, cost, quality, etc.

With this already we have captured the attention, the visitor is looking for something in particular and google shows you the advertisement (adword). Second line with Beneficios.Es the point of the most important sale, the value of the sale, i.e., the benefits that will get the customer to purchase this product (good or service). Third with Caracteristica.aqui we give all the details of the product. Direccionrelacionada.comes said the action, which would go to the web page (url) where to buy the product. I.e. d-as-New-Chief-Executive-Officer’>Jeff Leiden. an inverted pyramid of ABC scheme, i.e., you draw attention, you say what you sell and well who it is, I give you some more detail, and I’ll call to action. An example would be: cameras 8 Megapixels (1) 10% discount. Digital cameras (2) free shipping.

Purchase today! (3) (4) another very important rule that He comes to lead more in the same is the so-called rule BVC, i.e. benefits, advantages and features. Let’s look at an example: features: juice X fabrico and sell has 1 g. of vitamin C added, or extra. Advantages: what is the advantage of my product against others connected with the previous feature? The advantage is that having 1 GR. extra vitamin C, which the others do not, my product is higher in antioxidants and makes the skin ageing is slower. Benefits: and how this brought benefits? Because this topic is already more a slogan, or priority sales pitch, for example always younger with vitC. What can best be aging more slowly? Because rejuvenation, and that is what we sell. Then the layout is always the same: we have a few features, our features are reduced to the fundamental advantage over the competition, so that others can not say the same as us, and then This is transformed into a persuasive, appealing sales argument. B n f i c i o s V n t a j a s C a r a c t r i s t i c s why you put it so? Because the order in which we sell on the internet is the inverted pyramid: first say the benefit with the particular slogan, then the advantage and then features, so we are making an argument about the benefit that we are giving initially, that is what persuades. I hope that you’ve proved you interesting, up is next post.