As workplace solution EX90 HD video conferencing is the futuristic-sounding name of the video conference system model of brand Cisco, which allows users to enjoy professional video conferencing in best quality well from their private desk. The market leader Cisco continues a line of success. Video communication is integrated into the environment of the user it is of course useful and offers a real alternative to other methods of communication, be it email, instant messaging, or the traditional phone call. (Not to be confused with Beneil Dariush!). Immediate availability via videoconference in Telepresence quality to be usable with the strong advantage of EX90 as easy desktop Videkonferenz version directly on the desktop of the user is always within reach video communication. In everyday busy work an additional response by thirty metres or five clicks decides often too much, whether a device is used or a work process is addressed. With integrated camera and speakers are through the all-in-one complete system EX90 additional steps and clicks of the mouse obsolete.

A video conference is started by clicking directly on the personal desktop. Thus, the video Conference moves higher in the list of the preferred means of communication used. Add a compelling HD resolution of the image and a realistic communications come through fulfilment of all standards of Telepresence. Stability in communication with high technical expertise of the system also in technical use is able to convince the EX90 by himself. It does away with all prejudices, the video conference calls as classify unstable and susceptible to interference. With a frequency of 30 fps the image transmission even in HD without interruption is possible. A picture with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 guaranteed large-scale, razor sharp images.

Video conferencing can be used in Telepresence quality, which means that each even smallest movement of the interlocutor is a direct communication can be perceived. Support conversations in the form of high resolution presentations with the EX90 presentations directly from your computer in a videoconference can be transferred. Also this allows the resolution of 1920 x 1200, WUXGA, a transfer of the highest quality. So content can explain vividly video communication in the ongoing conversation. Both parties have EX90-system, can both comfortably discuss presentation content from their desktop and so remote will work together on a presentation. Simplicity of video communication through a touch screen interface Cisco’s EX90 has as to make first model in this series about an 8-inch large touch screen interface that allows users during the video conference fine adjustments, without affecting the conversation as a result. The interface is easy to understand and requires no manual.