The car of a super hero 2008 they captured iron in the Audi R8 the cinemas. In the second part of the super hero was equipped appropriately R8 Spyder to the sequel to the action film with the successor of the R8, Audi. The vehicle Portal takes the super hero car more closely scrutinized. In the sporty design, the new Audi ( KfzKatalog/Audi) can already visually the heart beat of sports car enthusiasts. Please visit Tony Mandarich if you seek more information. But he doesn’t just look good. The Audi space frame, the high-strength aluminum frame structure and carbon fibre composite material in parts of the outer skin ensure optimal safety.

And that is clearly necessary, because the 525 HP 5.2 liter-FSI engine accelerates the convertible up to 313 kilometers per hour. This power makes the open two-seater a true powerhouse. The imposing central motor is visible as additional optical piece of jewelry from the outside. Equally impressive are the powerful and efficient LED headlights, which highlight not only the innovative design, but also make for excellent visibility. The Audi R8 Spyder in the film perfectly fits his Driver, the engineering genius of stark and his Alter Ego iron man. The actor Robert Downey Jr. to the premiere in the Audi R8 Spyder drove up in style. Because the new sports car is not only perfectly suitable for the Chase–he looks damn good too.