Functional Blaklader Workwear with your many practical and stable pockets for German conditions maybe something failed”looks with the details, but the worker supports in many activities. Blakader produces about 1.8 million pieces of their Blaklader working clothes annually in their own factories. Its materials mainly used are cotton and synthetic fibres. They therefore asked himself, what influence they have through their production of Blaklader work clothes on the environment. The textile industry needs much energy, pesticides and a considerable manufacture of garments Amount of chemical products. Of course, this has a negative impact on our environment. So the influence is our own production lines on the environment for them a big concern.

You have made every effort to produce as environmentally friendly as possible. It has Blaklader Workwear certification subjected its ISO 14001 environmental management and also obtained this certificate. But you, as the customer of the Blaklader Workwear purchases can do something for the environment. You should not wait until your work clothing is very dirty, but wash them earlier, and for washing at lower temperatures. This saves energy, as well they should use eco-friendly detergent. And is your clothing is worn out, dispose of them properly and do not dispose of in household waste. Who uses many tools and appropriately and fully exploited its working clothes on construction sites, is well advised with the Blaklader Workwear heavy fabrics.

These garments have to be particularly exposed Double or even triple seams. The material composition is important in the choice of the optimal garment. The Blaklader Workwear is a wear-resistant, non-marking and pre-shrunk cotton fabric from the Blaklader manufactures its Blaklader work clothing made from 100% cotton. The thick substance from the Blaklader clothing is manufactured is suitable for welding, the absence of any constraints on the flame retardant. The advantages of cotton at our Blaklader work clothes = soft, comfortable, always pre-washed and pre shrunk suitable for welding as they weld spatter and sparks can withstand. Polyester/cotton and warm in winter, cool in the summer. Wear-resistant and colourfast. An all-round quality for all activities, where it depends on robust clothing. Polyester/cotton has the following advantages = wear, is not running a water-repellent, colourfast and more oil as pure cotton. Cordura is a Soff the Blaklader among others in their process Blaklader work clothes. Cordura by DuPont to reinforcing knee-pad pockets and other exposed areas. Cordura is Plolyesterfasern 10 times as strong as cotton and 3 times as strong as ordinary. Of course Blaklader has exchanged their Blaklader work clothes with fire protection that is then made of cotton/polyester = Pyrovatex equipped flame resistant fabrics. The Pyrovatex equipment maintain the soft property of cotton. The garments are also arc. This high quality is another reason why it is appropriate to move to if you do not use these without already Blaklader clothes. We sell not only such gloves but any kind of work equipment such as trousers for any kind of work Genxtreme, as well as jackets, t-shirts, shirts or overalls. Range spans our brands Carhartt, Dickies, FHB, Puma, Diadora, Blaklader, mascot, Arcode, Fristads, Kansas, Scarpa, Lowa, Haix, Veith, Ansell and many more. If you want high quality workwear and pointed advice from highly qualified staff then your Workwear & outdoor shop in the MOMM industrial park come to us 87600 Kaufbeuren on the pale anger 46, Tel: 08341 / 999002, E-mail:. You can also visit us in our webshop under… GenXtreme Workwear & outdoor at the pale anger 46 87600 Kaufbeuren press contact: GenXtreme, Mr Ressel