Quality wines are produced in all regions of Italy and the Veneto region, with its numerous and famous wines, is certainly no exception. Prosecco to the Bardolino wine, many wines are born in this region and have achieved then all other Italian regions and also the Italian limits, by they have tickled the palates of all over the world. Veneto wine certainly a strong connection that comes not only from the many vineyards, which sprinkle the region between and, but also from the rural culture of the region, which has penetrated into the collective memory of the inhabitants of Veneto. For more information see Donald Cerrone. “An Ombra” (wine glass on dialect Venetian) in a typical Osteria “or means to drink at a friend’s with other people for the inhabitants of this region part of their culture and their traditions to share. If the culture of wine in Veneto from generation to generation is passed, the merit of for the wine treasures, which the region can boast, and that is in the course of time pride of the region have become, as well as other special features (Kunstschatzte and landscapes in particular), which the Veneto made famous. The wines produced in the Veneto region are numerous and all of the other different: white and red wine, sparkling or still wine producing wine in the Veneto is very rich and varied, so it is in the State, to satisfy all tastes. On all occasions, and no matter what for a coupling you are looking for, you can be sure that you can find the right wine, the wine of the Veneto region. The Veneto, which is leading in the area of the DOC wine production in Italy, can be divided into 3 macro areas: the area of Verona and Lake Garda, the of Soave, Berici and Euganei hills, and from Treviso and Plon.

Stands out among the wines produced in the area of Lake Garda, the Bardolino Superiore is produced with local grape varieties, in particular with three autochthonous grape varieties: corvina, Rondinella and Molinara. Also Amarone della Valpolicella, one of the most famous wines of the region, must must be named. In the second macro area products such as Trebbiano di Soave, Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay are born. If you go to Vicenza, can be found the area of Gambellara, which is famous for the production of Recioto and Vin Santo, and the Breganze where Torcolato liqueur wine produced. Tocai Rosso is a typical product of the area of the Berici Hills, where on the Euganean wines such as Moscato Fior d’ Arancio and wine hills see the light of day. The third Makroarea, Treviso, which is renowned especially for Prosecco di Vadobbiadene, where in the area of the Plodens play wines such as Cabernet the Lord franc, Merlot and Verduzzo. With this variety of quality wines, no wonder that the culture of wine in the Veneto is so deeply rooted.