The consequent accomplishment of something for us of faith produces emotion, but emotion never will go to produce in us a genuine faith, faith is not emotion and yes certainty, faith is certainty of the existence of that it is not seen. (41) if it cannot test the faith, in the truth what forehead is the capacity human being to have faith. The adversities and the problems, are testing or placing the test he is the man. If it it is capable or not to support and to continue with faith and hope. The faith is not stained, when somebody leaves to have it, it does not leave of being FAITH, it does not leave to exist. The Faith continues existing same that nobody has Faith some, therefore the Faith comes of God is of it and comes back toward it. When somebody leaves to have faith is this somebody that if it who leave weakened and without faith on the other hand, if it stain are support the fights and provaes and obtain to win everything through the Faith, will leave fortified and with its increased faith. But the victorious person will be always the faith, the man is not successful alone, therefore she needs the faith of God and the faith in God to be successful.

The word of God supports the universe all visible and invisible, it also supports the faith. Then, we can say that for the church or the believer to have the true faith, the only thing that both need it is simply to obey the word of God. (Roman, 10,17) It is impossible to any man or woman to believe in God and not to obey it. is impossible to any man or woman to obey the God and not to believe in it. Some churches born of conflicts, failures in meeting exist and doctrinal disagreements that function established in purely legalist arguments.