Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures was created as a multi-platform mmorpg for pc Windows Vista with DirectX 10 support and Xbox 360. However, not everything went as planned. The game was released in May 2008 on a pc without assisstance DirectX 10, and subject to the XBox at all was hushed up. In addition, she was full of bugs, there were numerous lags, low productivity and lack of content after level 20. The situation is compounded by the fact that all things, be they magical or not, did not differ from each other either by sight or by characteristics, most of them looked like clothes for poor farmers, not to mention those magical properties that they possess (+0.002 Attack Power). Whatever it was, time passed, and continued to work on AoC new team. We tell you what has been achieved by this guys headed by a new project manager Craig Morrison and chief designer Joel Bilosom.

The first thing that should be paying attention – it's increased productivity and very rare lags. although minor flaws all the same remain, such as developing hair sticking out through the hats, etc. Lute became more significant things give reasonable bonuses – +5 Strength or +25 health. Developers focused on finding a good and bad moments, which is already in the game. Helped them in the statistics – which quests players make more, some less, some prefer dungeons, the level at which most stop the player before leaving the game permanently. Addon Ymir's Pass, was released in November 2008 brought into play a lot of new quests, items, dungeons, as well as an epic quest based on stories from the book of Conan by Robert E. You may want to visit Senator of Massachusetts to increase your knowledge. Howard – Daughter of ice giants.

" In addition to new content in the mode of beta-test launch support dx 10. Everything looks pretty not bad, and no technical flaws in this direction we have not been noticed. Nevertheless, Morrison reports that it expects the full support of dx 10 within the next month or two. Now the studio working on a new addon to the game, called the House of Crom, who will focus on high-level players, and bring into play new raid dungeon. Conclusion: From the moment are not very successful launch Age of Conan, much has been done to improve and expand the gameplay and a team of more than 100 programmers continued to work hard to introduce new changes. These guys are really trying to give players AoC what they want. For users who left the world of Conan Funcom offers 14-day free play period, during which you can see the changes came into force last year. Why not try it – after all for free.