Sinusitis – a disease that develops after illnesses such as influenza, scarlet fever, measles, colds and even after the inflammation of the teeth. After transferring these diseases are severe inflammation sinuses, which have communication with the nasal cavity. Treatment of sinusitis is not only medical. When his treatment is necessary to ensure flushing of the festering maxillary sinuses, which can be carried out and independently, without a prescription. Signs of inflammation of the sinuses with sinus are unpleasant sensations in the nose, headache, reddening of the skin, runny or stuffy nose, fever.

If you have inflamed sinuses will be created by the difference of negative pressure. To improve this process it is necessary to use a vasoconstrictor drugs. This can be Naphazoline, galazolin, xylometazoline, farmazolin, Sanorin. Drip a few drops or a wick inserted in a few minutes. You can also splash in a nose spray – knock-spray.

A quarter of an hour to blow each nostril alternately. Then close your mouth and nose and try to draw air through the nose. Rinsing the sinuses will be more effective, the stronger the effort to pull air, so at this point creates a negative pressure in the sinuses. This operation is performed 10 times. Then needs to be done and washing of the nose. First you need to blow out all the content from the nose. For washing, you can use a small syringe or tube. The easiest option – to pour the solution into the palm and sniff. Solution can serve as rastovor sea salt rotokan, fitodent, elekasol, rekutan. Also, a decoction of chamomile or St. John's wort extract. Treatment of sinusitis for a long time, so the treatment can be selected various solutions for washing sinuses.