The AVC teaches what it is dependence Antonio Padilha de Carvalho It chokeed with food, it arregalou the eyes, it started to dribble without stopping, fell of side, victim of AVC (Acidente Vascular Cerebral) more known as spill. blood is blocked, does not arrive at the brain, that without oxygen, is very wronged. The sequels are visible: Disordered movements, do not speak, do not smile, lack sensitivity in parts of the body. Passed the days, vagarosamente it vagarosamente goes learning to depend on the others. It does not possess forces, nor physical nor mental. It is seen as coitado. Mouth pie, part of the language pra is, to look at warm and distant, much dribble, soft chin. The call is common in this A stage debilitating depression.

There it comes the treatment: many watched exercises, rrand-boy, banns, massages, remedies, dependence pra everything! The risk runs to become ahead total passive of the life and of the TV, it does not desire visits, it is closed in pantries. Emotional depression. Instead of searching to improve itself, does not desire nothing, does not pledge, is delivered. Chair of wheels. All are tired. All suffer the illness from the traumatizado one. It eats making much racket, complains of everything! Others look for to win the dependence, walk, go up and go down steps. They use crutches, cane, they were apiam in railing and you apply balustrades to, they try and they force to speak, exactly with voice rouca and suffocated, they smile unskillfully, they want to come back to write.

Cantarolam easy musics. They are helped, progress ' ' To complain is to annoy others with ours dificuldades' '. I am not child, but necessary of cares. I am half-invalid, for the time being! Desire to rescue my capacity and responsibility! I have my wills, I do not go to be leaned in the others, although to need its aids. I discover new ways to live and to amuse. I look a world of new interests. The life continues