“Keynote speaker Walter Kaltenbach: what really matters in the sale of what really matters in the sale is what really works” as the title of the third completely revised and updated edition of the sale by Walter Kaltenbach, which appeared in the publishing of BusinessVillage, Gottingen, is. Book strong in the almost 300 pages explains on technical sales specialized sales trainer and consultant sellers and their superiors, such as customers and their products to inspire, that they have complete order books. The book by Walter Kaltenbach is structured as follows: In the first chapter, the sale coach, who can look back on over 50 years of sales experience, reflected his experience as a salesman: how the market and the sales landscape changed, and what are the new requirements resulting from this seller? In the second chapter, Kaltenbach explains why the personality of the seller so today primarily for example its authenticity and Passion decides on the success of the sale. “Then he represents, such as seller red buttons” at customers determine so that what is truly important in their buying decision. In another chapter, Kaltenbach describes how seller, how their opponent is ticking and how they inspire customers for themselves and their products through a type-friendly communication. “In the chapters 5 to 7 explains Kaltenbach then using many practical examples, how seller the purchase process and sales pitches control so that customers at the end of conviction say: Yes, I want to have”.

“Intensive it enters the sought-after motivational speaker also it, why it is important in the age of the Internet constantly to test the willingness to buy for customers and sometimes no” to say to have sufficient time for the really promising customers to customer issues and requests. A separate capital is dedicated to the B2B sales. Here, Kaltenbach describes how sellers gain the buying Center and the buyers as a friend; Furthermore, as the added value of their problem-solving so vividly front lead them, they get even acceptable prices. “” The book is rounded out with a capital, in which the author discusses sellers as they become top seller, which not only today, but also tomorrow achieve peak sales among other things, because for their clients real brands “and for their professional burn without burn out”. The hardcover book published in the publishing house BusinessVillage what really counts in the sale is just the thing really works”costs 24.80 euros. If you want prospective customers can order the book directly from Walter Kaltenbach (www.walter-kaltenbach.de).