The problems of plastic surgery: What do I need to a lot of people think that cosmetic surgery is a simple matter. The doctor cut away, then elsewhere anything but, just as demanding as any other surgery is a cosmetic procedure. Choose so closely, in which hands they embark. There can be complications always”, says an expert who could operate many stars. Who says that with him so what can not pass, is either lying or doesn’t operate.” It’s now no fear, only a warning, so that you do not underestimate the importance of choosing your plastic surgeon, or not only the price is decisive.

You should proceed carefully and wisely. Ask as much as you can! Many specialists wonder again how little to inform patients before performing plastic surgery and their possible side effects. And even more they surprised, why is the patients and patients for Choose doctors without references. The only criterion is often only the purse. So much possible to save this sounds tempting! Why should I take high costs when my friend said that it is a her well-known doctor much cheaper can make it. In plastic surgery, but apply such statements, not as much as when questions about fashion or cosmetics, where one scrolls down already quite like especially for the brand name.

With regard to plastic surgery, applies here in particular experience and expertise. You can of course say that complications are not excluded. That’s true, but a professional knows how to use it and is running then not remaining life unhappy by the world you. 30% an adventure that demand for embellishments are continuous and thus grows the number of operation willing doctors. Cosmetic surgery is a profitable business. Experienced cosmetic surgeons warn therefore: If someone with a doctor operate, not over sufficient experience has, risking serious health complications. Polls show that about 30% of the interventions not by certified professionals are carried out (in some European countries the situation is even worse).