The ink test makes it visible: Kapillarblocker wood window protection. Natural wood consists of numerous capillaries and pores through which the moisture in the growing tree from the root reaches in the smallest branch. What makes an ingenious system in nature, is the main reason for moisture damage in the later use of wood in outdoor areas. Through the increased capillary system gets moisture from the outside inwards. The wood begins to swell and expand. Cracks in the surface are the result, by the then still more moisture can penetrate deep into the wood. The wood is unstable, rotten and fault eventually. Especially wooden Windows are affected.

Not even to raise this chain reaction, the wood already is being treated before the window construction with capillary blockers. Untreated wood can soak up water like a sponge, wood, however, has been treated with Kapillarblocker, is sealed against ingress of moisture, invisible. Only this sealed wood is for the construction of the window used in its further course, the built wooden Windows in a multi-tiered Foundation and painting techniques are refined. The finished surface is then equivalent to a furniture quality. Wood window of this new generation it shows that a 10-year warranty against painting is possible. The window and door Studio Wintro in Ulm ( provides a clear test for the interested builders and renovators: wood without Kapillarblocker and wood Kapillarblocker be immersed for a few seconds in Royal blue ink.

The result is convincing: while swells up the untreated wood with ink, the ink from the surface of the treated wood rolls off like water on a freshly waxed car. The wood and the wood window is protected against ingress of moisture. More information about wood Windows with capillary blockers are available from Wintro in Ulm. Alexander Lippert