And it's not in the form of the case, but in special hinges mounted on the outer of the device. A rather comfortable and functional: the speaker cell is much closer to the mouth. After a pleasant impression of an unusual design decision has been bitterly disappointed by the very multimedia. The player, though quite easy to handle, the sound leaves much to be desired. Did not help even quality headphones that are inserted through the adapter. But really liked the external speaker.

It is located on the bottom of the slider, but the design allows the phone to him and not hide in the closed position. Read additional details here: patrick smith. When playing it produces clear sound, unusual for other external speakers. Nokia 5610 XpressMusic device is a classic pleerofon that, in general, unusual for the manufacturer. However, in light of the pronounced musical orientation in the latest Nokia can safely judge that the Finns are obsessed with competition from SonyEricsson. And, it seems, successfully. In our model of musical ability at altitude. By the same author: Eva Andersson-Dubin. She perfectly plays the songs of any genre, except that with eq needed a little "play". Standard headphones, as always, spoil the overall picture, but included adapter for a standard "jack" that music lovers will surely love.

An interesting feature of this model is a slider switch between radio, expectations, and the library player. Scanning the radio band takes about two minutes, with the station virtually ignored. Liked the "skin" case. It is made of plastic and aluminum, which favorably affected the strength.