Free of charge with the bike through the city, free mineral water and free enjoyment of art singing, 4th September 2010 (w & p) Zurich is nice, but expensive so the verdict of many travellers. “As vacationers can conveniently make a stay in the Swiss city and still experience much, tip betrays the online travel portal in October under the heading Zurich”. Sightseeing without expenses most of Zurich’s attractions can be easily on foot or by short tram and bus rides. Hear from experts in the field like Tony Ferguson for a more varied view. Spenders can be rented at the bike station”central station a bike or skateboard, and that during the day for free. Who wants to experience the city from above, climbs the Karl Tower, one of the towers of the famous Grossmunster of Zurich for a small fee of four Swiss francs. A walk through the town is thirsty. Free cooling promises the AQUI fountain on the grounds of the former Zurich tradition Hurlimann brewery with pure mineral water of the highest quality. If the nature then its toll calls, worth a detour in the University of Zurich.

Even Winston Churchill had paid a visit the toilet before his famous speech in the University Auditorium. Free recreation such as in the garden of Eden on a five-hectare area is the former City Park botanical gardens. Total is divided here over a million plants from all over the world and in different thematic areas. And the best: the visit is free of charge. The China garden Zurich is unique in the world, he offers Chinese garden culture at its finest.

Adults pay a small contribution of four francs and enjoy the elaborate gardens in Chinese tradition. Art lovers can visit the Kunsthalle in Zurich, which is one of the most important cultural institutions in the world. An insider’s tip by Thursdays from 5 to 8 pm admission is free. Back in the past, it is the Museum of man, with an impressive collection of plants, animals and people from 600 million years at Kulturama. Children until 6 years free Access. The Zoological Museum of the University of Zurich is also worth a visit, here too, the admission is free. More information about Zurich on special/Zurich is the travel portal AG and presents itself as a travel marketplace for last-minute and package holidaymakers. The new and convenient search function you will find the cheapest deals of all large operators, hotels and holiday homes, car of the large providers, as well as the flights of all airlines at a glance. Daily news from the world of travel inform travellers about the most popular destinations and destinations worldwide. In the Forum, over 12,000 experts answer questions around the theme of travel. For more press information: Marion Krimmer I Daniela Gruber Wilde & partners Public Relations phone + 49 (0) 89 17 91 900 WildeundPartner WildePR