Your own business on the Internet – it's great! This is a, convenient working hours, lack of geographical boundaries, the opportunity to work in a comfortable environment, the ability to spend more time with family I think this list the benefits you meet more than once. But in fact the result is not quite true. I know many examples where the free time, just gets worse than it was before the man plunged into a sea of e-business. Number my friends, the Internet – business, following the successful launch of its online business began to disappear for days and nights at the computer not to delight their loved ones. And they themselves were not from this ecstatic. Maybe they were earn more money? No, they're just trying not to drown in the information flow, which immediately fell on their head.

What happened People would come to their site, got acquainted with the proposed electronic products and began to ask questions to obtain additional information about a product, place orders and expect rapid responses to their letters. . After a good advertising campaign on the day came for 100-120 of these letters, which should have been given quick response. And if a letter with orders warmed the soul, here are letters with questions (and there were 90% of all correspondence) very quickly became irritating. Questions basically were the same type. But the answers to these letters take a very much time and effort. If you do not respond to email within 1-2 days, the person generally can not forget about your offer and your question.