With Christmas just finished, the specialists in beauty think that it is the perfect moment to begin to take measures to fight against the feared disease of the well-known skin like skin of orange or cellulitis. Although she is well-known and she is considered like enemy number one by the beauty magazines, the cellulitis is not something unusual, but it is very common. In addition, around 90% of the women she has or she has suffered of cellulitis at some time of his life. The cellulitis is not more than the fat accumulation that gives to the skin a grumosa appearance him. Those are several factors that can produce the appearance of the orange skin, such as the age, the genetics and the amount of fat stored in the body. To reduce the amount of fat in its diet is one of the best alternatives than they can be made to fight the cellulitis. Carol Vorderman thinks that the women spend more time trying to solve their problems of cellulitis that the men. It affirms that she herself feels well with her happy skin and as she is. Two of the best ways to eliminate the cellulitis they are the exercise and a healthy feeding. In addition, there are products that can help to complement the anticelulticos reduction of the skin of orange like creams, lotions and laser like the River CelluLight.