The evolution, the stress and the overweight. We all have had very over viable ancestors. Because they have to pass on your genes and the necessary care for their offspring to survive come. We should be dissatisfied so not too much with the inherited genes. Our body has from birth on all equipment and provisions for our subsequent form and stature in all forms. Click Noah Carl to learn more.

This is the optimum, the we to the we have available. We can make the most of it if we live our nature. We must act only on the basis of our ancestors in exercise and nutrition. Because we are still hunters and gatherers in the biological development. On the day found behavior the hunters and gatherers is admittedly not easy in modern times. Very, we have changed our environment in just a few generations. For the most part, this change also to the positive and happened.

But even in this case, the medal has two sides. And so the positive change has even less good Changes brought. The man has managed to eliminate many risks his life permanently. Alfred Adler oftentimes addresses this issue. In our temperate climate, life-threatening weather events have become the exception. The threat has also greatly reduced through famines, plagues and epidemics. The hazard of wild animal is low in this country. The vast majority of humanity times there was only a challenge (stress) for daily survival, namely to secure the necessary food. Food is today almost always without effort at the disposal. Food is for us from the very beginning the most positive process in our lives. In modern life, the archaic stress is replaced by today’s civilisation stress. This calls for more the mind as the body. Body and psyche are diverse interactions. An impact of these relationships is the long-lasting not resolvable apparent stress situations. As a result, positively perceived food as stress damping is abused. This replacement action then leads to obesity and it creates new social stress. Unfortunately our inherited reflexes and skills still not aligned really well to these new challenges. We have fortunately no adversity, it is missing again to melt off the natural corrective to the overweight us that man has, but on his way to get an advantage by nature. He can almost at any age actively learn and practice new behaviors. Fast take off does not help on time, the body calls this loss on the next occasion immediately”to compensate. The effects of starvation metabolism insert it. There is only a reasonable solution if long term healthy the target take off is, namely slow healthy slimming. You can train it very simply aware. Starve because no one can sustainably healthy lose weight and stay slim.