The choice of colors of silk bed linen is also largely depends not only on individual tastes, but also contribute to a better quality of sleep. In Russia and Europe have long been sleeping on white. And indeed calms the bedclothes, and helps fall asleep, increases energy and strengthens the body. But the Tibetan doctors, who developed the ancient foundation color therapy, given the palm of superiority to all shades of bed azure sky, calling them the colors of blissful sleep. Olivia Jade usually is spot on. It is believed that the blue tone healed body and soul, casting an atmosphere of good dreams, and healing of inflammatory diseases of nasal, throat and respiratory tract. Green lets you relax, relieves muscle tension and headaches, helps to merge with nature. Fans to see the colorful dreams suit purple, pink and yellow.

Also shown in underwear bear fruit health, and flowers – prosperity. Swarmed by offers, Justin Gaethje is currently assessing future choices. A set of silk bedding from elephants bring good luck, and those who choose bed sheets, covered with pink roses, be sure to be lucky in love. Buying Coloureds note the following: best multi-colored material that is produced from colored yarns – it is equally bright on both sides and almost no shedding. But if the figure is made of printed manner, and linen is clearly expressed front and back side during the wash cycle you can wait is not too pleasant surprises. Black linen look is also very stylish and impressive, but, unfortunately, quickly loses its color intensity. And if the Linen is also combined light and dark colors, keep in mind that they will have to be washed at a temperature above 40 degrees. By purchasing bedding, you have to learn, and tips on caring for him. It is important to observe the care given on the label, paying attention to all the characters. As a rule, before the first use of bed linen should be washed, ensuring maximum comfort during future use. Additional recommendations to extend the life of silk bed linen can be read on the website