Douglas McGregor – the THEORIES ' ' X' ' ' ' Y' 'e the motivation of public servers INTRODUCTION Studying has some time the subject ' ' Motivation of Pblicos&#039 Servers; ' , I come coming across itself with works for great thinkers, administrators, sociologists and writers, of which I can until disagreeing, but never to ignore. Recently I knew some texts related the called thinker Douglas MacGregor, Economist, Professor of Harvard, PHD in Social Psychology and Professor of the MIT. McGregor wrote ' ' The human side of organizaes' ' in 1960 and it defined Theories X and Y that according to it guided the relations between the companies and its workers. I confess that when initiating the reading I was estarrecido with Theory X and came back to the preface to see if really dealt with a workmanship of the decade of 60 (1960) or of two centuries before. Filed under: Justin Gaethje. For it in Theory X: ) The usual human being, feels interior repugnance to the work it will prevent and it whenever it will be able. b) Had to this trend to if abstracting from the work to the majority of the people it has that to be obliged to work the force. They must be controlled, directed and threatened with punishments.

This the one to develop the necessary effort for accomplishment of the objectives of the institution that belong. c) The common people prefer they direct that them, want to deduct themselves from its responsibilities. The People do not have ambition, and they do not desire more nothing that its security. Already for Theory Y: ) The development of the effort in the work is natural. To the common human being it essentially does not annoy to it to work. b) The control and the threat of punishment are not the only ways to canalize the effort, the man must be directed and if control in service of the objectives, whose accomplishment if compromises (and it makes thus it of course).