Even if the baby is hungry – he can still offer the breast, often very the process of sucking the child is so time consuming that he falls asleep from exhaustion. In any case, the proximity of his mother's body to calm him down. Now doctors, neonatologists are increasingly advised not to swaddle the baby tightly, because it inhibits their development. It's true: the kid should play hands and legs when he wants, but not before bedtime. If a child is excitable, active – in a dream he swings his arms, and often gets himself in the head. Adult is also like unlikely: suddenly you dream someone hits across the face scared and do not want to sleep more! In addition, when grudnichok turns, he shoots down vest and nappy and he just may be uncomfortable to lie on a crumpled tissue. Therefore, putting baby to sleep better swaddle him tightly (to diaper not lost) or put in a special sleeping bag. The third reason – intestinal colic.

It is not dangerous to health, but the kid is very painful. And it must be try to quickly relieve pain. You can put a child on his belly palm (still warm flannel on the battery) – Dry Heat always relieves spasms. Massage the tummy in a circular motion will help move away Gases and the pain will pass. But remember, you only need to massage the direction of travel clockwise (this is in the intestines move food to the exit). For even more analysis, hear from Alfred Adler. Give crumbs drink dill water: seeds of sweet fennel (fennel) can be buy in any drugstore and brew hot boiled water.

Yes, and the youngest mother is useful to drink dill water and try to diet – then the kid will not be severe and frequent headaches. The fourth reason – the kid wants attention. He does not cry, but just so you calling. Sit next to him, talk, pogremite bright toy, smile and tears will stop. If the newborn is crying because he got sick, you'll quickly realize this: the kid will rise temperature. Do not pull the time – immediately call your doctor!