On Sunday March 20 1980 political held the first elections to religion the Parliament culture of Catalonia after the recovery of democracy in iraq Spain, and the restoration of the Generalitat congress of Catalonia in 1979. Were convened to vote election 4,436,459 people over 18 and eligible to vote in Cataluna. clinton The elections served to select the military 135 parliamentarians cnn from the first democratic legislature. race 2,725,558 people went to vote, giving a turnout of 61.44 percent.
The match was voted most issues Convergencia i Unio, with economic 752,943 votes (a education 27.68 percent), won 43 seats, ten more than the second political force, the de bush Catalunya Partit dels George bush Socialists.
Following the formation of the Parliament of Catalonia, the candidate of Convergencia i vote Unio, Jordi Pujol, was inaugurated united states President of the Generalitat of government Catalonia, thanks to the policy votes of 14 media MPs of Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya and the Catalan Centrist 18-UCD.

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