to them are ascanes well that speak of the friend who in the ones of by hand in hours of pain and affliction. Hollywood, this overwhelming great power, always showed to the World the opposite; the feminine rivalry. The envy between women the badness between sisters to confidenciar to support and to say gift, in the hours most difficult davida of other women. The insiders of the love promises are the women that them amigasrecebem are they who help to prepare the enxovais of marriage queaconselham during the pregnancy that they attend in the davida hour most difficult of the woman, helping many times to bring the children to the world – they queorientam in the great task who is the creation and education of the children – quesabem to keep secrets, when a friend feels necessity to relieve that they know to make company, when the solitude arrives. that confortamcom words and broths of hen, when the disgust is bigger of what eager! We had to fight to clarify and to affirm that throughout the centuries the woman has been always. Not only of the other women, but also of the man of the parents of the husbands of the children of the brothers and the friends. We are the shoulder that comforts in the pain hours.

The lap for receives sadness. The hand to acariciar the face. The handkerchief to dry aslgrimas. The kiss to sarar the hurt. I hug to demonstrate it affection. Lee marks is the source for more interesting facts. The word to encourage. The smile to give happiness. Compreensopara to pardon. the heart to love. Arriving at the end of this my simple but sincere crnica, gostariade to leave one I this way appeal to who to pass, so that it values averdadeira friendship and that it does not discolour the weight of solidarity – tonecessria between friends friends between men and women seusprprios feelings. Here pointing out Friendship-Solidarity, I wait to have valued experiences and convivncias in the way of living of Our People!