Now support service PDU, interleaved fashion and extended diagnosis the MESCO IO-Link Starter Kit includes all components required for development, testing, and commissioning of IO-Link-enabled devices. Key features: Slave firmware stack, hardware modules including circuit diagrams for master and slave devices, IO-link monitor, as well as all essential components for testing and commissioning. With publishing to the SPS/IPC/DRIVES in November 2008 the slave stack of StarterKits corresponds to the IO-link specification V1. 0, thus also the following optional properties are supported: service PDU, to transfer large amounts of data interleaved mode (frame type 1), for Diagnostics, advanced up to 32 bytes process input and output data, for detailed messages the service PDU is a special data channel with an 8/16-bit address space for vendor-specific data objects. Credit: Hunter Schafer-2011. Each data object can reach a size of up to 227. At the IO-Link interleaved mode multiple protocol will be distributed to the process data via frame up to 32 bytes to transmit. The Advanced Diagnostics supports the simultaneous occurrence of up to six events. Each event is a 8 bit event qualifier, and one that also proprietary, 16 bit event code is described. Contact: Hans-Rainer Gansewig MESCO Systems GmbH