JOSA BOLEA (1903-1988) a The journey Francisco Hernandez to Mexico (XVI century) and its successful issue masked the reality of one of the many exiles from the Spanish and has had to accept the generous land of America and that from then until today, have been repeated … a Germain Somolinos. THE VOICE OF AN AFTERNOON OR NOVELIST a novelist Jose Bolea was published late in 1971 his first novel in the river, which explains its mature storytelling and fortune in the shaping of characters, the greatest merit of the work. With a traditional style tells an interesting story. The one on the island in the river is that of the inhabitants of Citra, imaginary village located in the Levantine region, near Valencia. He begins his story with the comments made exiles in Mexico on writing a novel, which is precisely what one has written about the history of Citra since the early twentieth century to the war provoked by the military rebellion General Franco. On the main reason the river and its floods, which determines the configuration of Citra as an island and through several cutting sentimental stories, the author gradually dissecting the social and political life of the city, the decline of old families, the intrigues and interests, fanaticism and rijosidad.

The story ends when the family focuses all actions undertaken in exile after the war. In the same vein he wrote his second novel, Bridge of Dreams, published in 1978. The novelist, playwright, essayist and editor Joseph Bolea Gorgonio born in Alzira, Valencia, on April 13, 1903 and died in Mexico City in 1988.