During the month of June, the Internet Explorer 8 browser, developed by Microsoft, spent presumably 59.8 per cent of the market to the 60.3 percent. The difference may seem small, but the important thing is not the size, but the direction in which the data changes. The figure cut a decline not months but years, and it is an unexpected change in the sector. Microsoft has a lot of what rejoice with the success of IE 8, the latest version of your program, although it is yet to see that the trend is going to stay. The increase in users of Internet Explorer has been at the expense of Firefox, which has gone from having a 24.3 percent of the sector to a 23.8 percent. In third position, the newcomer Google Chrome that won two tenths from 7 to 7.2 percent of the market. At the end of the chart, Apple’s Safari recorded a slight increase of 4.8 to 4.9 per cent, and operates declined from 2.4 to 2.3. Now seems that anxiety provided by Microsoft and its browser that came in steady descent in spiral, can take a slight break and return to a small level above, however with this IE-8 does not guarantee that every month to have this tendency, since its competitors constantly tend to recover, in particular Firefox and Chrome who have proven to be worthy competitors..