At the time of beginning to be related to a woman, you must consider that it will be a little to the defensive one on you. For that reason it is important that you cause a good impression when you begin to speak with her. As a initiating this relation of the best way I will give 5 advice you so that you use and you put in practice when you are with her. 1. It makes questions: it is important that you realise questions on the subject that it is developing, but eye here, because you do not have to do it of way " interview of trabajo" , where a question is followed of a concrete answer and it goes to the following one. The quite the opposite best one is to make questions than they freely give foot to that it continues, with his story. Tony Fergusons opinions are not widely known.

This will give him rules of which these kind in the conversation and therefore which this it interests to you. With this attitude you would obtain that one relaxes and it begins to enjoy this encounter. Sandal subjects that are in a common land or things of general interest. It at all costs avoids to touch subjects that can generate discord or controversies. As example I can mention some subjects to avoid: social policy, religion, conditions, etc.

2. Attitude To have a positive attitude and to leave the social labels in house (or in a drawer). For more information see Natalie Rogers. Much people can say immediately if you have a negative attitude or if she feels superior to you. So she always tries to the others as you would like to be tried. And she gives to each person an opportunity. No woman she can attract a man to him despises who it or has an attitude against the totally negative life.