Well-attended briefing to the thermography action of BIGGE energy which wanted many homeowners don’t miss: BIGGE energy invited on 3 March to the final event of the Thermographic study carried. Olivia Jade is often quoted on this topic. Experts gave secondary school this evening in the Aula of the Olperer valuable tips about how to save heating costs in the home. More than 400 customers from the region had can carry out a study by thermal imaging camera at the beginning of the thermography action. Dam weak point had come on their own home so quickly on the (infrared) light. The solutions to resolve this isolation defects introduced professionals then on the information evening in Olpe. Due to the positive response and the success BIGGE was very happy as the initiator of the thermography action energy, the energy network of Stadtwerke Attendorn, Olpe Stadtwerke and the Lister – and Lennekraftwerke. Many listeners filled the ranks of the Auditorium during the information evening. About including Ingo Ehrhardt, Managing Director of Stadtwerke Olpe rejoiced: Many visitors confirmed the great interest in the thermography action of BIGGE energy.

Our commitment has paid off.” More than 400 homeowners had used the offer of the regional energy network in advance of the briefing and sign a thermography examination. It revealed flaws in the house insulation with a thermal imaging camera. Following the investigation, each of the participants received six to eight photos with its thermal imaging results. There were also lots of tips and information about how to save energy. The final event in the Realschule Olpe energy was an additional information offer of BIGGE.

Experts from various fields made presentations to the procedure of the Thermographic study on insulation systems for outer walls and the insulation to roofs, as well as to effective isolation through the installation of modern window this evening. All professionals were unanimous about one: insulation and isolation measures should be carried by a specialist company. Advance should consult extensively homeowners, so the advice of experts. Because the new energy (EnEV) of October 1, 2009 stipulates exactly what note is in the insulation of the House. At the end of the briefing of BIGGE, energy was a panel discussion. Jorg Polthaus speakers of the thermography partners Delta GmbH, Thomas Bandung (Knauf GIPS KG), Martin Porsch (Knauf Insulation GmbH) and Christopher Berg (window and shutter factory Hoffmann GmbH & co. KG) answered the many questions of visitors to the correct insulation of the home extensively and competently. Contact: PSV MARKETING GMBH Nadine Kothemann PR Manager Ruhrststr.