The breathtaking views whilst cycling is simply unforgettable Masurian. Nowhere, nature is diverse and pristine as in the area around the Masurian Lakes. This beauty to enjoy, and to learn more about the country and its people, is the most active and also most sportive challenge for cyclists of all ages. Therefore, a group of 10 sports cyclists decided to explore the area for 10 days. Meeting point was after a personal journey on the train station in Warsaw. From there the journey with the bus moved to Masuria and with a lot of inner anticipation in fitting rooms could be taken in the afternoon. Rest was not announced, but already on the day of arrival it was only cycling 15 km, which was also a certain warm-up and in the evening made for deep sleep. Right after waking up the next morning culture was on the agenda, because the famous pilgrimage church of Holy Linde received the cyclists with an organ concert.

The second bicycle route led through idyllic lakes and picturesque villages geisse, and with a range of 40 to 50 kilometres welding so some drops. On the third day, the force on the tour came Masurian quite closely with the past in touch. Because the remains of Hitler’s headquarters were visited. But then it went quickly 35 km further Sztynort, where all could embed your weary head to rest. The next day at the cycling Masuria were filled by the sight of the beautiful nature of the Rominter invited Heath, the Borkener Heath forests and enchanting Lakes, which fuel to linger and strength, so the kilometres almost as alone have been made.

A particular experience was a cruise up to Mikolajki and a paddling trip on the Krutynia River. Here the night with bonfires and music acquired almost romantic traits and each muscle soreness was forgotten. After 10 days in wonderful surroundings it was said at the tour goodbye Mazury land and people. Over 300 kilometres were travelled by bus, boat, and of course with the bike but the wonderful nature and above all the people and the historic places have forget every effort.