Teaching is not a vital function, because it is not the end in itself; the vital role is to learn. Aristotle considerations, the University community of the UC needs just elect their new authorities who will be responsible for the serious challenges facing higher education, as well as economic, social and political problems of the country and since then, the University that is at a crossroads regarding their role, responsibility to form, train, not only professionals that the country needs according to the reality of the present, but cooperate in the solution of many problems facing the region as Venezuela and where the University should play a role more participatory., be guarantor of their autonomy should the new authorities play their positions with efficiency, productivity, yielding to transformations you need College to rescue its role, be more proactive, committed to a community that has placed its confidence, It expects that definitely educational management a reality, which dips again the academicism of excellence, research, which enable efficient professionals, agents of change who cooperate with the country in its development, that carry out their duties endorsed knowledge up-to-date with ethics, morality, commitment. Should the new authorities used a participatory, democratic, leadership that allows them to know manage talent, human capital which College possesses, without discrimination, ideological, political, micro-groups or individual interests. Otherwise, should know integrate with cohesive work groups involved in its functions, goals, accomplishments that the University intends to achieve. They must select, choose the best of the best of its staff without discrimination, establish programs, actions that benefit the University in all its operations. You must rescue academic merit, that experience represents, what morals and ethics guarantees, generate changes that bring about a new style of educational management of the University’s commitment that the country requires. They need authorities systemically integrated with a commitment that knows to unify efforts, the functions of the different positions of the University in favour of results that favors to everyone and not a few.