It includes a pile of crude food and without processing (preferably organic). * Aromatherapy and the massage can help to calm and to comfort (it does not use aromaterapeuticos oils in cats). * It tries to maintain the familiar and surely free atmosphere of tension as it is possible. It tries not to do changes more far to the atmosphere during times of change or difficulty. * The regular exercise will help to maintain its healthy and apt domestic animal, mentally and emotionally as well as physically.

* It investigates the alternatives for the domestic animal that fight to adapt to the perreras when you are of vacations. Perhaps you could fix so that a familiar person remains in the house or causes that their mascot is visited by a friend whereas you are absent? He considers a remedy 100% natural especially mascots to help his emotional well-being. The natural herbal ingredients well are known by their positive effect on the maintenance of the emotional health and the well-being. Hypericum perforatum (Must of San Juan) is one of the grass more known to support the emotional health and well-being, and has been much investigation to support its effectiveness in maintaining humor, healthy landlords of dream and balanced levels stable of serotonin. Recutita Matricaria (Chamomilla) is a natural medicinal grass that has been used by the European naturopatas by centuries. Their tranquilizing characteristics support to the mascots that are undergoing the change or the loss.

Ignatia (30C) is a natural remedy recommended often to support emotional well-being. Capsicum (30C) is of frequent use for the maintenance of stable humor and the aid of the vitality and the emotional vigor. Kalium phosphate (Kali. phos.) (6C) are a biochemical salt with many therapeutic advantages. This biochemical salt is extremely useful to promote the health of the nervous system in the cellular level. The regular use will increase bioavailability of foods, hormones and certain essential neurotransmitters to assure humor and sensations balances the well-being. Original author and source of the article.