To flanks! it was listened to everywhere. An answer that it indicated that the Roman spirit followed alive. Anbal had executed its plan, but this it was not the aim. The numerical superiority continued being of the Roman side, it was only necessary to reorganize the troops and to give back the blow to the enemy. Nevertheless, the panic was scattered. In spite of the orders of the veterans and their unshakeable will, the troops did not follow to them. They were frightened, demoralized. Suddenly, the dust and the wind returned to disturb the Roman faces.

The thirst and the fatigue were made feel in their bodies. Third was not the exception. One noticed that many men saw him and even they followed the steps to him. When seeing them their faces, noticed that they were equal of inexpert young people and who he. Then, remembered those nervous faces in the camping, after to have received the instructions. It was like a reflection in the water. In them its own vulnerability. In fact, this Roman army was filled with those reflections and it had not noticed it.

But why they followed to him? When looking for an answer ran into with the fixed glance of an triAryan, a veteran who with the hardness of his eyes showed the experience of thousands of battles. This one approached to him and it said to him hard. – They follow to You because you are a nobleman. They recognize in your helmet and your armor a descendant of the brave founders of Rome. After these words one went to the men with a hoarse and damaged voice, but demonstrating life in its unshakeable heart. -Worthy Romans, worthy of the Mars children become! And against Third, pulling out of a scabbard its sword and putting it in its armored chest said to him – Worthy Hazte you also.