One of the blessed and important days but in the life of a woman is without a doubt the day of its wedding. It wants to shine perfect in the day of his wedding. A suitable preparation and maquillaje can make the trick so that the fianc2ee is the beautiful woman but the day of their wedding. There are hundreds of advice of maquillaje of fianc2ee who can be used the day of a wedding. But there are some they are but popular and widely they are used. These are the essential advice who you need to have in mind for a maquillaje fianc2ee, these include the application of the base in dust and cream, the use of the corrector, eyeliners, shades of eyes, the base of the eyelid, and the use of labial bars. The correct application of all these cosmetics can cause that the fianc2ee shines beautiful and surprising. Check with Bobby Green to learn more.

During the use of a cream base you must have in mint that must combine with the easy color of the skin. A very shining color or too much clearly can cause that the trick fails. Asegrate to apply the cream on the skin of the arm to verify if it agrees with the color of the skin. Once you have the suitable basic color, clean your face skin with humid tissue to eliminate particles of the dust. Now it applies smoothly the base, avoids to rub strongly, since you can damage the skin. To apply to the base in dust or cream assures the uniformity and smoothness cosmetics in the skin of the face.

It uses a corrector to disguise the dark spots and shinbones. It avoids the application of too much corrector in the same place, since it can cause that part of the skin becomes but prominent. Also he is preferable to use the same tone of corrector that the used one in the base. This would help one better mixture and the corrector worked of efficient way but. To use a clear eyeliner of eyes is better than an audacious color if the dress is color clearly. It uses a liquid eyeliner since it helps to that the eyes become but prominent. The use of clear color as it bases of the eyelid is important if the base is clear since it helps to that it is mixed better with the tone of the skin and to provide a prominent skin but. The use of labial pencil and brightness that combines with the dress creates a perfect appearance but. A red labial pencil mainly is preferred if the fianc2ee dress is target. You must combine the dress with the color of the labial pencil to shine an elegant and surprising aspect but. All the proportionate advice of maquillaje of fianc2ee previously can cause that the fianc2ees shine like princess.