You try to dry your hair outdoors whenever you can. If you smoke, leave to do so, it is not only harmful to the body and skin, but that also weakens and It dries out the hair fiber. First and most important is to know to distinguish that type of hair we have, and so be able to use an appropriate treatment. Normal hair: Normal hair is a hair easily distinguishable. It has brightness, ease, it is easy to comb and has certain volume. Dry hair: Dry hair is one that does not give a good feeling to feel it, and, as the word says, is dry. It is usually a type of brittle hair that breaks easily, and doesn’t just shine. The hair dries, is dehydrated and becomes brittle as a result of the lack of fat.

One of the most important in this type of hair enemies is the Sun, and of course, dyes. Oily hair: This type of hair, usually a hair matted, crushed, as a result of an excess of fat in the sebaceous glands secretion. In addition, the hair is without force, without volume, falls without forming waves or curls. Mixed hair: Mixed hair is one that is oily at the scalp and dry leather at the tips. Care of the hair depending on the type of hair Normal hair: daily washing with shampoo soft, rinse deep nourishing mask and warm water every 15 days. For this type of hair care must aim to keep it as it is.

It must not saturate it products that can transform it into an oily hair or applied so many aggressive treatments that increase its dryness, since you quitarias their properties and can transform into a dry hair. First, use a shampoo that has neutral ph and applies a gentle conditioner, especially at the tips. When you wash it, it leverages to give a massage to the scalp.