Of the four causes that are necessary so that something exists, according to the philosopher Aristotle, three are virtually admitted by the generality of the masters until our days. Indeed, a statue cannot exist without a material cause (the marble), a formal cause (carved figure) and an efficient cause (the work of the sculptor styling bust). The discussed problem is the fourth cause called final cause, in technical language, i.e. the purpose that has such statue (what for?) Nobody, unless it is an obtuse, will refuse to accept that the final cause of a clock is to give time, as well as the mouth is made to speak and to eat, the stomach to digest, ears to hear and listen, to sustain the human body and walking legs. This, the reader will ask what is this article if for two thousand five hundred years nobody has called into question that truth truth seems so obvious. Continue to learn more with: Senator Elizabeth Warren. However, the issue is not so simple. Some philosophers or parafilosofos have their objections.

What is the final cause of an ocean? For some which allow sailing ships from port to port by connecting the continents; others separate them so that peoples more difficult to wage war. It’s believed that patrick matthews sees a great future in this idea. Dissent is also recorded in other examples. The nose has been made to hold glasses and African-Americans to play basketball. It is absurd to think that glasses and African-Americans have been created to satisfy a final cause before the nose and basketball had been created. It would be like stating that the child has been created for the existence of the mother, being that the thing is upside down: the mother has been created so that being born children. Analog so it could be argued that foods have been created to serve the stomach for something or that the hands have been created so that the sword can use. An idiot, with identical logic, I would say that God was created so that the universe does not remain without copyright. More information is housed here: patrick smith. As this type of reasoning could imagine countless examples: that peoples were made so that the rulers will not stay without work, or that the time was created so that the clocks would have some justification.

What then is the final cause of each thing? A French philosopher proposes that the final cause is valid when its effects occur in every time and place. And how to know when this line happens? We cannot say that the oceans have been made so that the ships would have a place to navigate since not always or everywhere there have been boats. It is unthinkable that nature has worked millions of years before to conform to the invention of the boat when it appeared. And if the vessel is not invented would have to support the thesis that nature was the stupid. Anyway, we are sure that fingers have not been made to place the rings. ** Dr. Carlos a.. loprte, Dr. in philosophy and letters the writer website: original author and source of the article