It is not the illness catches that you, is you who catch the illness. We are as a sponge. Some religions teach to maltreat the meat, but that is nonsense, therefore this is not related with substance. A fight exists yes and this fight is not against the substance, is a fight spiritual. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT WE DO NOT HAVE THAT TO STOP BUT ONE FIGHTS EXTERNAL. WE HAVE YES, BUT THE MAIN ONE AND THAT IT DECEIVES IN THEM IS THE INTERNAL FIGHT.

IN THE TRUTH TWO FIGHTS EXIST: EXTERIOR ONE, AND ANOTHER INTERIOR. The emphasis here, in this message will be given only to the interior fight. In the interior fight, which are the enemies to be loosers? The Text points the enemies to be loosers: I? first Enemy to be looser interior: Principalities. In the exterior of the man, they are princes who defend, or they govern one definitive territory. (Prince of the Prsia, Greece). In the interior of the man the principality indicates a root, a beginning.

It has two meanings: 1o.significado – Principality comes of the gr. Arcai sig. Principle, start, root. This sig. That we have that to fight against the root. This principality can be in our interior, that is, it is taken root. Therefore, so that an illness prevails, it has that to have a root. Tg.3: 10-12? A source behind that it caused the problem, of it exists there gushed out blessing or curse. Arcai also sig. I sing, esquina, turn. God projected something for we, but perhaps this has if lost in a esquina, a turn, one I sing of our life. How many events, how many circumstances had taken off in them of the trajectory that God stipulated? Many facts happen that they take off in them of the route.