In the literature investigated in elderly patients with predominant acts from 60 years, physiological changes occur the normal one will be the acts, but there ploughs factors that may make them lives vulnerable you the risk of impaired skin integrity, being associated with instability physiological and limited mobility and difficulty. The studies also make will be the appearance of the UP and the intensity of pressure, duration of pressure and tissue tolerance, interference of the healing process of the elderly, showing delayed healing, chronic diseases, nutritional deficiency, circulatory disorders and to other chronic factors, nutritional deficiency, circulatory changes and to other factors that predispose the occurrence of PU in the elderly. General In the context, nursing provides nursing care directed at maintaining the integrity of the skin, which ploughs described in current literature, which often must rely on is the theoretical and practical knowledge of nursing readily identify the predisposing factors will be UP, assisted the elderly in to order you implement the actions necessary and appropriate will be to their nursing care. Keywords: Men. Injury.

Elderly. Risk Factors. Nursing Care. Ulcer for pressure can be defined as an injury located in the skin, caused for the interruption of the for the area, provoked for diverse factors as pressure, shear and friction, or the combination of these three factors. These wounds cause much pain and suffering to the patient, mainly to the aged one, which has greater propensity in developing it. Beyond bringing damages to the patient, she also has the increase of the costs for the health, being, of this form, better to invest in prevention. Due to great incidence of ulcer of pressure in aged patients e, aiming at to contribute with the knowledge of the health professionals on this subject, it was decided to make a revision of literature with emphasis in the nursing assistance, taking itself in consideration the studies carried through in last the ten years.